Slate from Chase Credit Card Review

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Slate from ChaseChase is one of the well-known and well-respected credit card providers on the market today. The Slate credit card from Chase has a feature named Blueprint that lets the cardholder pay off their debt in a more detailed and manageable way.

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The Chase Slate card gives the cardholder different options about how they want to pay off their debt. More information about the quickest and most effective ways to pay off credit card debt can be found at websites like Suze Orman’s

Chase Slate Credit Card Special Features

The thing that sets the Chase Slate card apart from other credit cards is the Blueprint feature. The majority of other credit cards allow the cardholder to choose between paying their monthly balance in full or a smaller payment with a minimum amount due. The Blueprint program gives the cardholder other options.

As with all other credit cards, the cardholder can choose to pay their balance in full each month to avoid having to pay interest fees. If the cardholder makes a particularly large purchase with their card, they can choose to pay that purchase off first with the split payment plan.

By focusing solely on the large purchase the cardholder can pay it off quicker and save money on interest. The finish it payment option lets the cardholder set up their own payment plan to pay off their entire balance in the most convenient way.

The Chase Slate Terms

Like most credit cards available today, the Chase Slate card offers special introductory rates. For cardholders with excellent or good credit they will have a special zero percent interest rate on balance transfers and purchases for the first fifteen months the card is active. After the first fifteen months, the cardholder will have an interest rate of either 11.99 or 16.99%.

If the cardholder has average credit, they will have zero percent interest for the first six months. After that, their interest rate will be 21.99%.

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