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Smith & Hawken Credit Card Smith & Hawken is a furniture line that is sold exclusively at Target. In the past they were an independent seller, but tough economic times created a situation where they had to make a difficult decision about their business. As such, there is no Smith & Hawken credit card, and there is no longer a Smith & Hawken website. Find other current credit card offers now!

If you are a Smith & Hawken fan, don’t be disappointed. According to a message to their customers, they will still provide the same quality outdoor furniture, gardening tools and accents to Target customers as they did for their direct buy customers in the past.

The only real difference now is that instead of visiting the Smith & Hawken website, you can view their products in person at your local Target store. Of course, you can also find more alternatives on the website for items not sold in stores.

Smith & Hawken Credit Card – It Doesn’t Exist, so Here’s an Alternative!

One of the alternatives to a Smith & Hawken credit card is to get a Target credit card. In the past Target has offered both store credit cards and Visa cards. However, they are no longer offering the Visa card to their customers.

The Target store credit card has an APR of 13.25% to 22.9%. These rates are in the same range as a regular credit card making the Target department store card a better choice for many people.

When you use your Target card to make any in store or online purchase, you automatically receive a 5% discount on your purchase. This applies to any purchase, including clearance and sale items! In addition, if you get your prescription medication from Target, you will receive an addition 5% discount on all your purchases every time you fill 5 prescriptions and pay for them on your card.

You can apply for the Target retail credit card in the store, online or call and request an application. Compare this and other online credit card offers now!

Smith & Hawken Credit Card – Target Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • Low interest rates
  • Get discounts on everything
  • Donate 1% of your purchase total to your kids school

Smith & Hawken Credit Card Bottom Line

There is no Smith & Hawken credit card, but there are some great alternatives. Apply for your Target card online or use our chaser tool to find other credit card alternatives!

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