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Sotheby's Credit Card Sotheby’s is the world renowned auction house known for catering to the rich and famous. So it was no surprise when the company teamed with MasterCard and GE Money in 2007 to launch the Sotheby’s credit card. The program was targeted at rewarding elite cardholders with benefits focused around the arts.

The card was released in two flavors: Sotheby’s World Elite and World MasterCard. GE money got involved with the program as a means of increasing its presence in the elite credit card market. Unfortunately, Sotheby’s sent letters to all cardholders in late summer 2008 informing them that the program was being discontinued. Find other online credit card offers now!

Sotheby’s Credit Card – Partnership with the Arts

The auction house considers part of its ongoing mission to be a supporter of the arts in general, and art museums in particular. The Sotheby’s credit card offered a unique rewards credit card program which rewarded users with points for every transaction. That doesn’t seem so unusual, except for the fact that cardholders were encouraged to redeem those rewards as philanthropic donations to participating art museums. Cardholders who chose not to donate could redeem points for select merchandise.

As an incentive for cardholders to use their cards regularly and make donations through the rewards credit card program, the Sotheby’s credit card offered free admission to a host of important art museums including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Phillips Collection in Washington DC, San Diego’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and dozens more.

Sotheby’s Credit Card – Other Ways to Redeem Rewards

The Sotheby’s credit card enjoyed all the standard benefits offered by a world MasterCard which include fraud protection, travel credit card accident insurance, auto rental collision coverage, 24 hour customer service, and online account access. In addition, cardholders could redeem their reward points for added services aimed at the needs of the rich and famous. For example, points could be redeemed for the privilege of hosting, or arranging for a private tour of, special exhibits or partner collections.

Points could also be redeemed for help in organizing and conducting charity auction events, organizing and stocking a wine cellar, framing and lighting artwork, artwork restoration, artist studio visits, and special admissions to artist events. Finally, cardholders of the Sotheby’s affinity credit card were eligible to receive selected jewelry from participating retailers, golf rounds with PGA professionals, villa rental in southern France, and Mediterranean cruises. Get current credit card offers now!

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