Southern Illinois University Credit Card

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Southern Illinois University Credit CardSouthern Illinois University is part of the University system of the state of Illinois, and is based in Carbondale. Like many other educational institutions, SIU at one time offered the Southern Illinois University credit card issued and managed by Chase Bank. Their card should not be confused with the Visa credit card products offered by the SIU Credit Union.

Like all other affinity credit cards, the Southern Illinois University credit card is a program which provides donations to the school alumni association made by Chase Bank. The card’s website indicates that Chase is no longer accepting new applications for this card. However, they do continue to support the accounts of current card holders.

The card’s design includes a picturesque shot of the Carbondale campus with the SIU logo at top left. The card also includes the Visa and Chase Bank logos at bottom right. From the little information that could be obtained about this card, it appears that is the only design choice. Find other credit card offers today!

Southern Illinois University credit card Visa Rewards

The Southern Illinois University credit card is not a student credit card, but it is eligible for a standard Visa rewards credit card program which earns points based upon card holder transactions. Those points can be applied to more than 150 separate reward options including travel discounts, merchandise, gift certificates, and cash back credit card rewards.

It is assumed, although not verified, that the card is eligible for standard Visa benefits. Some of those benefits would include fraud protection and 24-hour customer service. Visa platinum cards generally provide things like travel accident insurance, rental car insurance, and travel assistance. However, it is not clear whether or not the SIU Visa carries them.

Southern Illinois University Credit Card Worldwide Uses

Because the Southern Illinois University credit card is a Visa-branded product, it can be used anywhere in the world Visa is normally accepted. It gives cardholders access to thousands of ATMs that are part of the Visa network. Obviously, transaction fees apply for any and all ATM transactions. When the card is used in a foreign country, transaction amounts are converted into US dollars and a foreign transaction fee is assessed.

Because information about the Southern Illinois University credit card is so limited, we are unable to comment on interest rates and fees in this review. It is assumed that rates and fees are in line with other Visa cards offered by Chase Bank. Get more online credit card offers now!

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