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Southwest Airlines Credit Card The Southwest Airlines Credit Card is a good choice for those who like to travel and especially those who like to fly Southwest Airlines.

Travel credit cardsoffering airline frequent flyer miles are amongst the original rewards credit cards. They offer lucrative rewards that allow a luxury that many people crave: travel. The Southwest Airlines Credit Card is supposed to be able to give you the opportunity to earn enough credits for a free flight faster than any other airline credit card. Compare this with other credit card options now!

While this does sound like a credit card that is appealing to many people, take the time to learn more about it and compare it to similar credit cards before you take it out.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card Features

The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa Credit Card is issued by Chase. This is a good credit credit card for those who use their credit card heavily but pay it off every month. It is not a good option for those who carry balances, do balance transfer credit card transactions or use their credit card infrequently.

This credit card has an annual fee of $59 for signature card members and $39 for classic cardholders. There are balance transfer fees. The APR for this credit card is 14.24% and varies according to the Prime Rate. These fees are very high, therefore this credit card pays off best for you if you use it enough to earn at least 2 free flights annually.

Southwest Airlines Credit Card Rewards

The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa credit card allows cardholders to quickly accumulate the 16 credits necessary to earn a free flight on Southwest Airlines. There are a variety of ways to accumulate those credits.

You automatically get 16 bonus credits when you use your new credit card for its first qualifying purchase. For qualifying balance transfers, you get 8 bonus credits. You also get 2 bonus credits each year on the anniversary of becoming a member.

Every time you use the card to buy Southwest flights, rent select rental cars or book specific hotels, you earn 2 rewards dollars per $1 spent. For all other purchases, you earn 1 reward point per $1 spent. When you accumulate 1200 reward dollars, they can be redeemed for 1 Rapids Rewards credit.

Compare the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card with Others Now

Compare any credit card you are planning to take out with other similar ones available to you. You can do so easily by using a free online comparison tool and getting free credit card offers now!

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