Sprint Rewards Credit Card

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Sprint Rewards Credit Card The Sprint Rewards credit card is geared toward present or prospective Sprint customers. It is a card that allows customers to accumulate points that they can use to save money on their Sprint accounts.

Customers can also take advantage of a low introductory rate on purchases. This incentive is also available to cardholders who transfer an existing balance to the Sprint card. Compare other credit card offers now!

Like most retail credit cards, this card can be used in Sprint Stores. It is also accepted by merchants who accept Visa cards, both online and in person.

Sprint Rewards Credit Card Features

There is no annual fee charged to customers who choose this card. The initial Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is 0% for the first six months.

Once the introductory period has passed, the regular APR for this card is set between 11.99-22.99%, depending on the account holder’s creditworthiness. The rate of interest payable varies with the rise and fall of the prime rate.

The APR for cash advances with this card is 19.24-23.24%, depending on the account holder’s creditworthiness.

The grace period for this card is 21 days. No interest is payable on new purchases if the balance is paid for in full within this time.

Sprint Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Similar to other reward credit cards, for every $1 spent with Sprint using the card, including paying a bill or buying products offered in Sprint Stores, a cardholder is credited with two points. A single point is awarded for purchases made elsewhere.

Once the point level reaches 2,500, a cardholder can choose to receive a $25 check or a $25 Sprint gift check. Gift certificates for $25 are also available from several reputable merchants, including Best Buy, Borders, Home Depot, Exxon Mobil and Blockbuster.

Spring Rewards Credit Card for Consumers

Prospective customers who are looking for a way to pay down debt from other cards may be attracted to the Sprint Rewards credit card’s low introductory rate. Cardholders with good credit can get a good APR after the introductory period, but for those who have had credit issues, paying over 20% per year is quite high and they may want to consider other options. Get more online credit card offers now!

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