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S&T Bank Visa Classic Credit CardWhen you’re first trying to get credit, the best way to go about it is with a credit card. However, many banks don’t offer credit cards to people with no credit, unless they’re willing to get a secured or student credit card. However, S&T Bank offers its Visa Classic credit card as a new credit card alternative.

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You don’t have to have an account with S&T Bank in order to apply for one of its credit cards. In addition, the Visa Classic credit card is not a credit card for people reestablishing credit because they have bad credit–this is for individuals, such as young adults and college students, who are looking for their first credit card. For those of you who need to rebuild your credit, S&T Bank does offer a Secured Visa Classic credit card.

S&T Bank Visa Classic Credit Card Options

Interestingly enough, S&T Bank offers two options when you choose its Visa Classic credit card.

These two options are based upon whether or not you want a lower interest rate with an annual fee, or a higher interest rate with no annual fee.

The annual fee for the Visa Classic with the lower interest rate is $25 with an APR of 9.25%. If you don’t choose the annual fee, then the APR will be 11.25%. The best way to determine which option is better is to use a credit card repayment calculator to determine how much of a difference 2% will make in terms of your monthly payments, based on different credit card balances.

S&T Bank Visa Credit Card Terms

The APR is based on the prime rate, which means that if the prime rate does change, your interest rate will change as well. There is no penalty APR.

All of the other terms for these two options are the same. There is a balance transfer fee and cash advance fee of $4 or 4%, whichever is greater. The foreign transaction fee is 1% of your transaction total. If you have a late payment fee, your maximum amount will be $20. The maximum fee for a returned payment is $25.

S&T Bank Visa Credit Card Verdict

You’re not going to find many credit cards with a lower APR for someone with no established credit. It doesn’t hurt to compare credit cards, but this one offers some great terms as well.

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