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St. Michael's School Credit Card St. Michael’s School credit card is offered to supporters of the institution. St. Michael’s is a Catholic school located in Ridge, Maryland. Founded in 1918, the school’s first instructors were four members of the Missionary Servants of the Blessed Trinity. The Servants stayed at the school for a year.

In subsequent years, the school was staffed by Carmelites and Jesuits, as well as a number of lay teachers. Between 1922-1999, the Sisters of St. Joseph from Hartford, CT, taught students. The school is currently being as a partnership between community volunteers and the faculty and staff. Compare online credit cards with this affinity credit card now!

St. Michael’s teaches students from the pre-kindergarten to Grade 8 levels. A new wing was added to the campus in 1999 to provide additional classroom space, as well as a computer lab with Internet access for student use.

St. Michael’s School Credit Card Features

There is no annual fee charged to customers who choose the St. Michael’s credit card for their needs.

A low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is offered to customers on purchases. No balance transfer credit card fees are charged for six months.

St. Michael’s School Credit Card Benefits

Cardholders can report a lost or stolen card on a 24/7 basis. They are also 100% protected against fraudulent purchases.

Customers can also get travel credit card accident insurance as a benefit when they open an account. Another benefit given to customers is car rental insurance.

St. Michael’s School Credit Card Supports the School

New customers help to support the school when they make an initial purchase. A $50 donation is made at that point, and every time the card is used afterward, a further donation is given to the school.

Cardholders can support St. Michael’s School with every purchase they make. This credit option is a good choice for people who believe that a faith-based education with a challenging curriculum is important. The school offers an alternative to other educational choices where students are taught in small classes. ‘

Supporting St. Michael’s School is made easy and convenient for consumers. All they need to do is use the card and the donation is made automatically on their behalf. Compare more credit cards now!

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