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State Democratic Party Credit Card If you represent your state democratic party, then you may be wondering if there is a State Democratic Party credit card that can aid in supporting your state’s Democratic Party. However, you will be disappointed to learn that no such affinity credit card exists.

Another disappointment is the fact that the Democratic Party also does not have a credit card the represents the entire party, rather than simply at a state level; although they have had one in the past. Part of the reason for this may simply be because of all of the scandals involved in politicians and their use of credit cards. Get online credit card offers now!

There was some talk of a prepaid credit card option that represented the Democratic Party; however, we were unable to find one in our research.

State Democratic Party Credit Card – Democratic Party Visa Platinum Card

Although this card no longer exists, there was once the Democratic Party Visa Platinum credit card. This was a rewards credit card that offered 1% cash back for all purchases.

The interest rate was 7.74% variable and excellent credit was required to qualify for this excellent credit credit card. The maximum credit limit for this card was $15,000.

The card was offered by Washington Mutual and came with a 0% APR for 3 months.

Overall, the interest rate on this card was excellent, but the rewards program and introductory offer wasn’t very exciting. There are certainly many other great credit cards available with high credit limits and better rewards programs.

State Democratic Party Credit Card Alternatives

Unfortunately, there are no direct alternatives to this credit card. In other words, there are no other cards that will allow you to contribute to your state’s Democratic Party. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t choose patriotic cards.

Many card companies offer credit cards that depict the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the United States, the White House, and more. All you need to do is use our chaser tool to find that card that represents what you want!

State Democratic Party Credit Card Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this card is no longer available as a choice. Get other available online credit card offers with our chaser tool right now!

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