Sul Ross State University Credit Card

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Sul Ross State University Credit CardSul Ross State University is located in West Texas. This small school prides itself on their small class sizes and their focus on science and fine arts equally. For parents of students and for alumni of Sul Ross State University, there are often fundraisers by the Alumni Association to raise funds for the school. One thing that the school hasn’t gotten around to as of yet is getting a Sul Ross State University credit card.

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The benefit of school credit cards is they are typically affinity cards. Affinity cards work under the premise of the bank that distributes the card donating money to the school each time a card member uses their card. Typically, the donation is small, anywhere from .25% to 1%, depending on the deal made with the school. With thousands of people using their cards, this can actually add up to quite a lot of money.

Sul Ross State University Credit Card – Alternatives

As there in no credit card for Sul Ross State University, another alternative is to find a credit card that allows you to put your own photo on the card. That is, if you are interested in showing your support of the school with something that represents your school.

Capitol One is a card company that offers a design your own card feature. Many other credit card companies are following this course as well, understanding that many people simply like to personalize their credit cards.

When selecting a card, you do need to be aware of your credit score. According to (, applying for cards for which you cannot qualify will hurt your credit. If you have bad credit, try for bad credit credit cards, if you are a student, go for a student credit card, if you have great credit, go for a low interest credit card.

Sul Ross State University Credit Card – Supporting Your School

Once you find a credit card that suits you and your credit score, you can use it to support Sul Ross by purchasing school merchandise, license plates, or even directly donating money to the school. If you choose a rewards card, then you can earn something back in the process.

Sul Ross State University Credit Card – Verdict

As you can imagine, the verdict for this card is negative simply because it doesn’t exist. Fortunately, you can consider other options and get a great credit card for your needs.

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