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Sunoco Credit Card Since gasoline is something almost all of us use, fuel credit cards from our preferred gas retailers are a great way to earn rewards while purchasing a necessity. If Sunoco is your preferred brand of fuel, the company issues the Sunoco credit card in four flavors. There are two business fleet cards as well as two consumer cards, the latter being those we’ll focus on for this review.

The Sunoco credit card for consumers can be obtained either as an in-house card or a MasterCard. Applicants who apply for the Sunoco Rewards Plus MasterCard, and do not qualify, will automatically be considered for the in-house Sunoco Rewards Card. Both cards offer the ThankYou points reward program. Compare this and other credit cards now!

Links to an online application can be found at the Sunoco website, as can a toll-free number for those who prefer to apply over the phone. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, the link to the specific terms and conditions of both Sunoco consumer credit cards was dead.

Sunoco Credit Card – Rewards Card

The in-house Sunoco Rewards Card is for use only in purchasing gasoline and merchandise at Sunoco retail locations and is not valid anywhere else; it’s more like those retail credit cards than most rewards credit cards. The advantage of such a card lies in the ability to track all gasoline and other purchases made at Sunoco while at the same time earning rewards as a loyal Sunoco customer. Other benefits include the convenience of paying at the pump, 24-hour account access, and access to emergency cash at most Sunoco locations.

The Sunoco credit card ThankYou points program allows cardholders to earn two points for every gallon of Sunoco gasoline purchased. Points can be redeemed for travel accommodations, gift cards from more than 400 participating retailers, cash back credit card rewards, or hundreds of items contained in the ThankYou catalog. Cardholders can combine points from several different accounts for use all at once.

Sunoco Credit Card-Rewards Plus MasterCard

The Sunoco MasterCard works like any other standard MasterCard and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The points rewards for this card are significantly better than those for the in-house card. For example, three points are earned for every gallon of gasoline purchased at Sunoco during your first two stops of any billing cycle. For your third stop, and any subsequent stops, you earn 10 points for every gallon of gasoline. One point is earned for every dollar of purchases everywhere else.

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