Talbots Credit Card

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Talbots Credit CardThe Talbots credit card can be used to make purchases online with Talbot, at Talbot stores or via the store catalog. The Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit card can be applied for at Talbot stores, through a printed application sent via standard mail or online. When the Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit card is used, bonus points are awarded according to the status of the cardholder.

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If you are approved for a Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit card, you will earn points depending on your level. Basic cardholders are assigned “Red” status, which gives them one half point for every dollar spent. Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit cardholders that spend more than $1,000 in 12 months will be elevated to “Black” status. It takes 500 awards points to earn a $25 Talbots gift card.

Talbots Credit Card Fees and Restrictions

Talbots Classic Awards Platinum cardholders aren’t assessed a yearly maintenance fee; however, they can have their accounts closed for a variety of reasons. Some cardholders have reported that their accounts have been closed due to making too many returns.

Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit card account holders can have their credit limits reduced or their accounts closed if they fail to make the minimum payments, go over their limits, or fail to use their cards for an extended period of time. As with other department store credit cards, the annual APR is rather high at 24.99%.These credit cards are issued by the Talbots Classic National Bank, which is regulated by the FDIC.

Talbots Credit Card Details

If you make many purchases at Talbots, the rewards can add up quickly. Because cardholders are able to get 5% cash back in the form of Talbots gift cards, even making big-ticket purchases will pay off.

There is not an introductory interest period; however, you will have ample time to avoid finance charges if you make monthly payments. Since Talbots is a retailer of women’s attire, men may not be interested in applying for this credit card.

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