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Target Credit Card Target is a department store that has approximately 1,500 stores worldwide as well as an ecommerce site. While Target accepts all major credit cards for purchases, you also have the option of using your Target credit card to shop at any of their stores.

Called the REDcard, you can use it to pay for your purchases at any Target and earn rewards at the same time. Currently the only Target store credit card that is available is the REDcard. The Target Visa Credit Card is no longer obtainable. Get more credit card offers now!

Whatever you are looking for there is a good chance you will find it at Target. The popular retail store sells everything from clothing and shoes to furniture. Some Target locations even have a grocery market.

Saving 5% with Your Target Credit Card

With the Target REDcard there is no need to worry about earning rewards credit card points and redeeming them for merchandise you don’t really want. Instead, this Target credit card automatically rewards you with 5% savings every time you shop.

You can earn an additional 5% every time you use your Target credit card at the Target pharmacy. This means your savings for the day can be as much as 10%.

Funding Education with Your Target Credit Card

If you use a Target REDcard when you shop, you have the ability of helping fund education. All you have to do is enroll and choose your favorite school, from kindergarten through high school. Then, every time you make a purchase Target will donate 1% of your purchase price to that school.

The donation to fund education is made from Target and does not cost you anything extra. It is a simple way to help contribute to your child’s school, your neighborhood school, or your Alma mater.

Target Visa Credit Cards

Although applications are no longer being accepted for the Target Visa credit card, current cardholders can still use their credit card to make purchases at Target or anywhere else Visa is accepted. The card can also be used to pay for your utilities and telecommunication services.

If you shop at Target, then using the Target retail credit card is a great way to save money and reduce your final bill. The REDcard also acts as a debit card, allowing you to get $40 cash back when you checkout at the Target register. Compare online credit cards now!

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2 Cardholder Reviews for the “Target Credit Card”

  1. eldeetx says:
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    Worst credit experience in my life. I first obtained a Target card well over 12 years ago. I have never missed a payment, and I have never been a day late. Target sent me a notice about 10 or so years ago offering me a Target Visa. I didn’t want another Visa, so I didn’t respond. The next time I went to Target and whipped out my Red Card it was refused and I was told that Target no longer accepts their own Target Card and if I wanted a Target Card it would have to be the Target Visa – and THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT.

    So I like a fool, reapplied and received my Target Visa. This month I went to Target and my Target Visa was refused. THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT because I hadn’t used it in a year. I was told they no longer dealt with the Target Visa and that I’d have to reapply AGAIN for just a Target Card.

    I’ve had my account closed TWO TIMES by a company who chose to cut off a consumer who was never late, and never missed a payment. No more. Consumer beware!!!

  2. laurie green says:
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    Applying for the Target Visa card.

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