TDECU Onyx Platinum MasterCard

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TDECU Onyx Platinum MasterCardTDECU is a credit union located in Texas that offers its members a wide range of credit card options. The Onyx Platinum MasterCard is a great choice for a cardholder with a very good credit score that wants a credit card with a low interest rate.

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A great credit card can be an excellent financial asset if it is used properly. Even if the cardholder is happy with their card, they can still run into issues. One area that commonly frustrates a cardholder is billing disputes. The Wall Street Journal has advice on this topic in its article “Top Credit-Card Gripe: Billing Disputes.”

As of April 1, 2012 the following changes will be made:

  1. APR as low as 9.50%
  2. No over limit fee
  3. 5.9% life of balance Optional Relationship Rate offer
  4. No balance transfer fee
  5. Return check fee is “up to $25″
  6. $5 phone off is only if payment is made within 24 of payment due date

TDECU Onyx Platinum MasterCard Rates

The annual percentage rate for the TDECU Onyx Platinum MasterCard credit card will be between 11.5% and 16.5%.

This is a very good interest rate range so, even if the cardholder has a lower credit score and will have to pay higher interest each month, it will still not be as high as most credit cards.

This same rate range will be applied to purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. There will be no interest charged on purchases for the first six months the account is active. Additionally, there is no default or penalty annual percentage rate with this credit card.

TDECU Onyx Platinum MasterCard Fees

There is no annual fee for the Onyx Platinum MasterCard from TDECU. There is also no fee for cash advances or foreign transactions. The only transaction fee for this card is a balance transfer fee of 2%. There is a minimum fee of $10, with a maximum charge amount of $50.

There are many penalty fees that could be applied to this account if the cardholder is not careful. There is a $25 fee for late payments, returned payments, and going over the card’s credit limit. If the cardholder needs a duplicate statement they will be charged $4, and if they need to make a payment over the phone, they will be charged $5.

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