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TFCU Secured VisaIf you are trying to build up your credit and are a member of the Teachers Federal Credit Union, you should get the TFCU Secured Visa. It acts like a regular Visa credit card but is secured by funds in your account.

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Getting a credit card when you are first starting out or if you have bad credit can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Teachers Federal Credit Union offers you a solution to get a credit card and build up your credit at the same time.

TFCU Secured Visa Features

These days, credit card companies look at your credit score to determine whether or not you are eligible for a credit card.

If you are young and have no credit history or if you have poor credit, the majority of credit companies will not approve you for a credit card.

The Secured Visa from the Teachers Federal Credit Union is a great way for you to build or rebuild your credit history using a credit card. It works just like a regular credit card but it is secured by the money in your TFCU savings account.

The amount that you have in your savings account is the amount of credit that you have on the card. Once you have used it up, you are unable to use your card. The nice thing about it is that the money in your account earns interest, so when you are not using your credit card you are making money.

Using the secured card will help to build up your credit and, once your score gets high enough, you can apply for a regular credit card. For more tips on how to build up your credit score visit Smart Money and read the article “6 Ways to Build Up Your Credit.”

TFCU Secured Visa Terms

The TFCU Secured Visa has no annual fee, which differs from some other secured credit cards. It has an interest rate of 6.72% and has a grace period of 25 days. It offers a lower APR than the other Visa cards offered by TFCU.

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