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TFCU Visa Classic No FrillsThe Visa Classic No Frills credit card from TFCU is a very basic credit card. It has a great interest rate meant for a credit union member that is not concerned with getting a rewards program with their credit card. If you are eligible for membership with the TFCU, this card is an excellent option. There is also a no-frills option for students that are just starting out when it comes to personal finances.

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A credit union like the TFCU is a great choice for someone that wants more personalized service from their financial institution. Since credit unions tend to be smaller than popular banks, they will likely give more in-depth service. To research TFCU or any credit union, check out the “Research a Credit Union” web page from the National Credit Union Administration.

More about TFCU

TFCU is the Teachers Federal Credit Union. One of the main differences between a credit union and a bank is that banks allow anyone to become customers, while credit unions require their members to meet certain requirements.

Many credit unions are open to anyone that lives, works, or goes to school in a certain geographic area, while other credit unions like TFCU require their members to work in a certain industry. In this case, members must be teachers living in Long Island, New York, or be related to someone that is already a member.

The other big difference between banks and credit unions is that a bank is a for-profit business that focuses mainly on its stockholders.

Credit unions are non-profit organizations that are technically owned by their members. Because of this, many people think that they get better and more personalized service from a credit union and that they are less likely to be taken advantage of with high rates and fees.

TFCU Visa Classic No Frills Credit Card Rates and Fees

This credit card has a very low interest rate of 9.84%. This rate applies to cash advances and purchases. There is no annual fee for this card. There is, however, a credit card late payment fee of $18.

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