The Avon Old Farms School Visa Platinum Rewards Card

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The Avon Old Farms School Visa Platinum Rewards CardThis review is for the Avon Old Farms School Visa Platinum Rewards Card, a credit card issued through the bank UMB for alumni, friends, parents, or anyone else that wants to support Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut.

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Avon Old Farms is an all-boys boarding school from students entering 9th grade on through high school graduates who want to complete a post-graduate year at a private school. The card is open to anyone, not just individuals affiliated with the school.

The Avon Visa Platinum Details

The Avon Visa card does not charge an annual fee. There is an introductory annual percentage rate offer of 0% for the first 180 days that the card is open.

The 0% APR offer is also available for balance transfer for the same amount of time as the purchase rate.

Once the six-month introductory offer is completed, the rate for the Avon Visa Card is the prime rate plus 5.9%. It is important to monitor your rate to ensure it is staying at a manageable and affordable level. You can find information on how to manage your money at

The Avon Visa Platinum Benefits

Like most Visa cards, the Avon Visa card offers many additional benefits to cardholders, including complete fraud protection, roadside assistance, customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and purchase protection, which extends a manufacturer’s warranty if you purchase an item with the card.

In addition, UMB Bank will make a $50 charitable gift to Avon once the card is activated and used once within the first 90 days. UMB Bank will also donate a percentage of retails sales made with the card back to the school.

The Avon Visa Platinum Bottom Line

While the card offers an excellent introductory offer as well as no annual fee, it is best for someone who attended Avon, is the parent of a current or past student, or is a donor to the school.

Since the card supports the school, it would make the most sense if the cardholder did as well. If you do not have any ties to Avon, there are many other card options available to you.

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