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The Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® is a special card powered by Barclaycard that caters to the needs of travelers. People who frequently travel abroad can enjoy earning awards miles each time they use this amazing product.

After the award miles accumulate, the cardholder can travel to and from one of many exciting destinations around the world.

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Why and How Consumers Use the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®

Consumers use the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® because it offers benefits that not many other cards offer.

A cardholder can earn an extremely large amount of award miles from the moment he or she gains an approval for the product.

Furthermore, that person can benefit from receiving a competitive annual percentage rate and prizes for a loved one or family member.

A person who owns a Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® can use it at any location worldwide that accepts the MasterCard logo. This means that the individual can use it in foreign countries and in the United States in department stores, movie theaters, malls, gas stations, grocery stores, amusement parks, auto rental companies and hotels.

Additionally, the cardholder is able to use this product to make online purchases and monthly subscriptions.

Qualifying and Applying for The Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®

The qualifications for approval for the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® are very strict. The card company will only issue this card to consumers who are 18 years of age or older, residents of the United States, and have excellent credit.

An excellent credit score is one that falls between 750 and 850 creditworthiness points. To fall within this bracket, a debtor will have to have almost a flawless payment history with his or her creditors.

A Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® cardholder will also have to have a low debt to income ratio, few credit inquiries, and an acceptable amount of open credit accounts.

The first section requests the applicant’s name. The second section covers general information such as address, phone number, social security number, mother’s maiden name, date of birth and email addresses.

The third section of the application asks for applicant’s preferred method of billing statement delivery. The fourth section of the application requests information about the person’s employment situation, banking circumstances and annual income.

premier miles and more world cardIn the next section, the consumer can enter his or her Miles & More number if that person has one. The following section asks about the consumer’s ATM transaction frequency and if he or she would like to use the new card for such transactions.

The applicant can assign authorized users in the next section, and apply balance transfers in the final portion of the application. After reading some of the card’s terms and certifying that he or she is at least 18 years of age, the applicant can click the “submit” button to process the application.

The Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® is an instant decision card, which means the applicant will know whether he or she is qualified within 60 seconds. If the company approves the applicant for a card, he or she should receive it within seven to 10 days.

How it Works

The cardholder will receive award miles immediately upon receiving the new card. If he or she completes a balance transfer, that person can earn even more award miles.

Every dollar that person spends thereafter qualifies him or her for more award miles. Once the individual accumulates enough award miles to take a trip, that person can reserve a round trip flight to his or her destination.

Some locations that program includes are Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, the Middle East and more.

Features and Benefits of the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®

Some of the many benefits of this credit card include:

  • mastercard premier miles and moreBonus Initial Award Miles -The bonus initial award miles are one of the most attractive features of this card. A new cardholder will receive 20,000 award miles after their first purchase or balance transfer. That person can also earn an additional 15,000 award miles by completing a balance transfer in the first 30 days of account opening (1 mile per $1 transferred).
  • Free Annual Companion Ticket -The company offers its cardholders one complimentary companion ticket after their first purchase, and every year thereafter. Such a benefit is especially attractive to travelers that have spouses and significant others with whom they would like to travel.
  • Double Award Miles for Certain Purchases -The cardholder can earn two award miles for every dollar spent on purchases with Miles & More integrated partners. All other purchases will result in an award of one award mile per dollar spent. Additionally, the client can redeem his or her award miles with such airlines as Star Alliance Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS and other partners. There will be no mileage expiration with monthly qualifying purchases.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees -Cardholders can feel relieved knowing that they do not have to pay foreign transaction fees. They can proudly retrieve funds from any bank’s automatic teller machine without being charged for not being able to find one within the network.
  • Annual Fee Waived for Certain Members -HON Circle Members and the Senator do not have to pay the annual fee for the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®.
  • Helpful Customer Service -Cardholders have access to customer services at all times. They can call the number on the back of the card to request information and help with using the product. Customer service representatives will always have a pleasant attitude and a desire to make the client happy.

Fees Associated with the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®

The Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® has several fees associated with its usage. First, the card has a $79 annual fee that the company only waives for the Senator or HON Circle Members. The company also assesses a fee for balances transfers.

The amount for such transfers is $10 or 4% of the transfer amount. The fee for a cash advance is $10 or 5% of the cash advance amount. The cardholder will not have to pay a fee for any foreign transactions.

Certain penalty fees apply to the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®.

Users who do not make timely payments will have to pay a penalty fee of $35 for the lateness.

A returned payment will also accrue a $35 charge. However, the company does not charge the cardholder a fee for going over his or her credit line.

Managing the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®

A cardholder who would like online access to help manage his or her card can visit this website to sign up for such access. To set up online access, the individual must provide a social security number, birth date, card number, and he or she must state U.S. citizenship status.

The next step is creating a username and password that is easy to remember, but difficult enough to prevent access from another person. With online access, the cardholder can change profile information, keep track of award miles, make card payments, view transaction history, and more.

getting the premier miles and more mastercardSomeone who has just recently placed an application for the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® can check the status of his or her application.

This person can check the status by clicking “check the status”, and providing the required information. The form will ask for the person’s last name, last four digits of his or her social security number, zip code, and email address.

Complaints and Disputes for the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®

If any consumer is not happy with his or her credit card account, the Barclaycard team will always be willing to resolve the situation. Clients who have disputes and complaints can contact the company by dialing 1-866-225-9725.

The customer service team will attempt to find a solution very quickly. However, some situations require a team member to conduct additional research. In such cases, the company will get back to the client in approximately five days.

Members who have lost their cards or had them stolen can call the same number to report the occurrence. The card company’s first obligation is making sure that no one has made any additional fraudulent charges. The representative will lock the lost or stolen card immediately, so that no one can accrue any charges.

In the case of a lost card, the company will simply send a replacement card. In cases in which the cardholder complains about fraudulent charges, the company will conduct an investigation. If it finds that someone did indeed make fraudulent or unauthorized charges, it will not hold the cardholder liable for the expenses.

A person who owns a Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard® can opt to terminate his or her account at any time. Representatives will be more than happy to process the account closure.

However, it is advisable that anyone closing a card repay the balances within 90 days of such a closure to avoid negative feedback on the credit report.

Apply Now and Travel the World

Businesspersons and adventurous people with good credit will have an amazing experience with the Miles & More® Premier World MasterCard®. Taking the time out to apply can end up in someone having the opportunity to travel far just by obtaining an approval.

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