the car related credit card perksYou can save hundreds of dollars per year by taking full advantage of the great credit card perks and rewards available in 2012 on car related purchases. Use your credit cards to get many car related benefits such as rental discounts, rental insurance, roadside assistance, gas rewards, and various offers for parts purchases.

Check the specific promotions for your credit cards since terms and conditions vary per lending institution. Use your credit card to save money on car related expenses and be sure to check the available rewards cards to you using our free credit card comparison tool.

Rental Discounts

You just need to complete car rental purchases with eligible credit cards to get car rental discounts based on the card type and rental company. For instance, you can save up to 25% by renting via National car rental with a free weekend day included. This promotion is offered to MasterCard holders, throughout 2012, for renting compact or full size cars in the United States with a 3 days minimum rental period.

car related credit card perksIn addition, if you own a Visa card, you can save for up to 20% with $15 off on Alamo rentals of any size automobile in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States. A minimum 3 days rental period is also required.

Check your respective credit card institution for complete information on car rental discounts’ conditions. These discounts are great because they don’t require one of the different types of rewards credit cards with high interest rates to receive them, only an eligible credit card with the rental company.

Rental Insurance

Get auto rental collision damage waiver coverage for theft or collision up to the estimated monetary value of most rental cars. You only need to fill out the rental form with an eligible credit card while declining the rental company’s CDW/LWD (Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver) option to get card coverage. Credit cards reimburse for replacement or repair of parts on rental vehicles based on certain conditions and terms.

To be eligible for rental insurance, you must be the primary driver. Additional drivers must be authorized under the rental contract. This perk provides a savings on average of $15 per day based on rental companies collision damage waiver charges. You must decline the loss and collision damage waiver provided by rental institutions for credit card coverage to take effect.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance can provide you toll-free and 24 hours assistance for emergency vehicle services like fuel delivery, towing, tire changing, lockout service, jump starting, amongst other. Service fees are not covered by credit card issuing banks, but are available at discounted prices. For example, if you own a Visa card, the entire roadside services previously mentioned goes for $59.95 per service call.

credit card perks car related

If required, just call 1800-VISA-TOW to obtain roadside assistance service. The roadside assistance dispatchers will inform you of the local professional name with estimated charge quotes and times of arrival. You will have the ultimate choice for tow service destinations based on personal needs.

Be certain to check with the credit card issuing bank for specific charges on road assistance programs.

Gas Rewards

You can get gas rewards by making gas purchases with some credit cards. Compare and browse applicable credit cards to maximize savings at gas stations. Credit cards usually offer 2% discount on gas purchases without limits.top car related credit card perks

Parts and Vehicles Purchases

Credit cards offer many benefits for consumers to save on car ownership related costs. Take full advantage of these benefits by checking credit cards’ website for promotion information or by contacting the respective customer support.

  1. Extended warranty. Use your credit cards’ extended warranty services to double the original’s manufacturer repair warranty for up to three years depending on the item and credit card type.
  2. Price protection. You should buy car parts with credit cards to benefit from the price protection option, which covers reimbursement, repair, or replacement of eligible items. There are claim amounts limits based on the credit card used that you should review with the respective credit card provider.
  3. the top car related credit card perksExclusive credit card discount malls. Some credit cards offer their own shopping malls with bonuses and discounts on multiple items. Some examples of these discount malls are Capital One’s Perk Central and Bank of America’s World Points Rewards which offer cash back rates of up to 5%. Buy automotive parts and services at online stores like Advance Auto Parts, Sirius XM, and AutoAnything via these cards’ shopping malls. Get or redeem credit cards’ bonus points on purchases to save hundreds of dollars on car related expenses.

The highly competitive credit card market provides you with many options and benefits

Credit card companies are constantly updating and adding new perks for you to enjoy. Since credit card offers are extensive, it’s suggested that you check with your respective credit card issuing institutions to take full advantage of these special offers. Contact the respective credit card provider’s customer service for guidance and information to save money on your car related expenses. Also use our credit card chaser tool to compare rewards and perks you could be getting with credit cards now!

This article is provided courtesy of Auto Loan Experts, a consumer finance website providing information and tools on car loans for people with bad credit and other personal credit services.

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