The Walking Company Credit Card

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The Walking Company Credit CardThe Walking Company is a shoe store that sells shoes for men, women, and children. They are not their own shoe company; they are a store that sells a variety of brands from New Balance to Asics and everything in between.

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Despite the fact that The Walking Company is a national store, this is not a store that offers a credit card. They do offer a gift card, but no credit cards that bear the store name or logo upon it.

The Walking Company Credit Card – Their Gift Card

The Walking Company gift card is similar to gift cards that you will find anywhere. They are sold in denominations of $50, $100, $150, and $250. This is probably the major difference between their gift cards and those you find elsewhere as they don’t have smaller card options, such as $25 and there is a major jump from $150 to $250.

It is free to buy a gift card. Not to be confusing here, but what this means is that there are no fees associated with buying the gift card. If your card is valued at $100, then that is how much it costs. In addition, there is no lack of use fees if you still carry a balance after one year.

The cards are valid at any The Walking Company stores and can be redeemed online and over the phone as well. You can check your balance at any time at 1800.642.9265.

The Walking Company Credit Card – Your Credit Alternatives

Because department store credit cards tend to have very high interest rates, it may be in your best interest to consider other credit card options. Low interest credit cards allow you to buy high dollar shoes without paying high interest fees. In addition, rewards credit cards make it possible for you to be rewarded for your shopping.

When choosing a credit card, you should take advantage of organizations like the Better Business Bureau, that rate companies based on complaints and services offered. lets you see credit card satisfaction ratings based on in-depth studies of cardholders.

The Walking Company Credit Card – The Bottom Line

There is no getting around the fact that The Walking Company does not have a credit card. Because of this, you cannot apply for this type of card. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options if you are interested.

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