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Thomasville Credit Card Thomasville is a high end furniture store that many people cannot afford without their Thomasville credit card. The Thomasville credit card is a department store credit card rather than a major credit card.

Thomasville was founded in 1904 in North Carolina but started as the Thomasville Chair Company rather than just Thomasville. Today, Thomasville offers a wide selection of furniture for virtually any style of home.

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Thomasville furniture is considered to be durable, long lasting and comfortable, as well as being stylish. That is why Thomasville furniture can be so expensive.

Thomasville Credit Card Overview

As mentioned before, the Thomasville credit card is a department store card. This means that the interest rates are going to be much higher than a major credit card’s interest rate would be.

The Thomasville credit card has a starting interest rate of 24.99% and a penalty rate of 29.99%. The penalty rate applies if you go over your credit limit or you miss or are late for a credit card payment.

GE Money Bank, which is offering the Thomasville credit card, currently has an introductory offer for people who use the card. If you spend $1,500 or more on your Thomasville store credit card, then you will be able to choose your payment plan at varying interest rates.

If you choose to pay off your card in 12 months, then your interest rate will be 8.6%, and your total interest payments will be $60 for the year with monthly payments of $130 (based on a $1,500 purchase).

If you choose to pay off your card in 24 months, your interest rate will be 4.5% and your total interest payments will be $108. Pay it off in 36 months your interest rate will be 3.13% for a monthly payment of $36 a month and a total interest payment of $156. This option is for up to 60 months of payments.

Thomasville Credit Card Considerations

  • Flexible payment options
  • Very high standard APR
  • Can only use at Thomasville

Thomasville Credit Card Bottom Line

While it is sometimes nice to have a department store credit card, the Thomasville card has a very high interest rate. In addition, it is not a major credit card.

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