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Tiffany & Company Credit CardTiffany & Company was founded in 1837. This international company is known throughout the world as the premier place to purchase your jewelry. However, something that you may find surprising about Tiffany & Company is that they do not offer a Tiffany & Company credit card to help with purchases.

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While no one would expect as Tiffany & Company credit card to be a bad credit credit card, it makes sense that someone with impeccable credit might prefer to purchase Tiffany & Company jewelry on a credit card. Regardless, this is not a company that offers this service.

Tiffany & Company Credit Card – Business Accounts

While Tiffany & Company does not offer any credit cards, they do offer a business account option for businesses who find that they are doing a lot of business with Tiffany & Company. The benefit to this account is that you will receive a 15% discount on each of your orders with Tiffany & Company.

What’s interesting about the Tiffany & Company business account is that you have to apply for the account to see if you qualify. Tiffany’s doesn’t say what their criteria happens to be, but it is interesting that they have this process prior to approval.

Tiffany & Company Credit Card – Other Options

If you have perfect credit, then you can apply for low interest credit cards and use one of those to buy items from Tiffany & Company. By choosing a low interest credit card, you are keeping the amount you have to pay back as close to the original price as possible. What’s more, according to, choosing credit cards with the lowest interest rates helps to keep your credit card debt from getting out of control.

According to Smart Money, jewelry can be an investment for your future. This is especially true of Tiffany & Company jewelry, which has an impeccable reputation.

Tiffany & Company Credit Card – The Bottom Line

The truth is that there is nothing to judge when it comes to the Tiffany & Company credit card because this company doesn’t have a credit card option. However, with a low interest rate credit card and exceptional credit, you could find yourself buying something from Tiffany’s doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in interest rates.

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