Tompkins Trust Company Visa Platinum Business Rewards Card

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Tompkins Trust Company Visa Platinum Business Rewards CardThe Tompkins Trust Company offers many services to their customers with business needs. These services include credit cards, overdraft protection, installment loans, lines of credit, commercial mortgages, and equipment leasing.

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Tompkins Trust Company Business Credit Cards

The three business credit cards offered by the Tompkins Trust Company are the Visa Platinum Business Rewards Card, the Visa Business Travel Card, and the Visa Business Card. The Platinum Business Visa offers no annual fee and an introductory annual percentage rate of zero percent.

The special introductory annual percentage rate is in effect for the first six months of the life of the account. After the introductory annual percentage rate has expired, the cardholder’s new rate will be between 9.99% and 20.99%. This is the same range used to determine the interest charged to balance transfers. The percentage rate applied to cash advances is slightly higher at 23.99%.

As a rewards credit card this card lets the cardholder to earn rewards as a way to save money. This card also offers one percent cash back with no limit. The cardholder will earn double points when they use this credit card on telecommunications, gas, and restaurants.

The Tompkins Trust Company Visa Business Travel card works much in the same way as the Business Rewards card except the rewards that can be earned apply mainly to travel. This card also offers no annual fee and a six-month zero percent annual percentage rate.

Other Business Services

After a business owner chooses a credit card that best fits their business needs, they can cover other business needs through the Tompkins Trust Company. The business lines of credit are a great way to fund business needs without putting all of the business’ capital into one thing.

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