Toyota Rewards Credit Card

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Toyota Rewards Credit Card Toyota, one of the world’s leading automakers, offers a Visa credit card as a means of building brand loyalty among customers. The Toyota Rewards Visa card provides a means for Toyota customers to enhance their Toyota ownership experience by taking advantage of its rewards program. The card is issued and administered by Toyota Financial Savings Bank.

You may apply for the card by visiting the Toyota rewards website or your local Toyota dealer. At the website you will find both toll-free application number and a secure online form which can be completed in a few moments. Consumers must view and agree to the terms and conditions before the online application can be completed. Compare credit card offers today!

As a Visa product, Toyota Rewards Visa card can be used anywhere in the world where Visa is normally accepted, including millions of ATMs. It is also eligible for a limited list of standard Visa benefits.

Toyota Rewards Visa Card – Points Rewards Program

Since the purpose of the Toyota Rewards Visa card is to build brand loyalty, points earned through the program can only be redeemed towards Toyota service, purchase or lease of an eligible vehicle, or parts and accessories. Points can be earned on any purchase including groceries and monthly bills.

Cardholders earn five reward credit card points for every dollar spent at participating Toyota dealers. One point is earned for every dollar spent anywhere else. Redeeming points is as simple as visiting your local Toyota dealer where you simply inform the salesperson of your intentions. Toyota maintains a computerized database of all points accounts which is accessible at any Toyota outlet.

Toyota Rewards Visa Card – Interest Rates and Fees

The Toyota Rewards Visa Card has an introductory rate of 3.99% on all purchases and balance transfer credit card transactions. The introductory rate is in force for the first six billing cycles on the account, after which it is raised to 11.99% to 13.99% based on card holder credit history. Toyota offers a platinum version of the card with an APR of 11.99% to 18.99%. The APR for cash advances is 23.24%.

Balance transfers, convenience checks, ATM withdrawals, and cash advances are charged fees of $10 or 3%, whichever is greater. The fee for late payments, returned payments, and exceedingly credit limits (on the platinum card only) are all $35. There is no annual fee. Compare this to other credit cards now!

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