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Trade Secret Credit CardTrade Secret is a cross between a salon and a beauty supply store. While they have an online presence, they do not sell any of their products online. You will have to visit their stores in person to make a purchase. In addition, they also do not have a Trade Secret credit card, so you will have to use other means to pay for your items as well.

You can compare credit cards online by using the free credit card chaser tool on this page!

If you were hoping for a Trade Secret credit card, you will be glad to know that you can use your own Visa or MasterCard to make purchases at one of their many stores. Whether you have one of the many bad credit credit cards or low interest credit cards for people with great credit, you can use it to make your purchases wherever you would like.

Trade Secret Credit Card – The VIP Card

For those of you who were looking for a Trade Secret credit card to allow you to save money at Trade Secret, the good news is that they do offer their Trade Secret credit card. This card, which costs $9.95 to purchase under their current special (it is $19.95 regularly), allows you to save 10% on every purchase you make at Trade Secret.

In addition, you will find that if you are a VIP member, you will receive advance notice of sales. You will also qualify for exclusive discounts and promotions that won’t be available to no VIP members.

Trade Secret Credit Card – Considering Your Other Options

Of course, if you just want a credit card, there are other options. You can use the credit card chaser tool to find a credit card that meets your criteria. For example, if you are a college student, then you can look specifically for prepaid and student credit cards. You should check out the advice for college students and credit cards from CollegeBoard, before you make your final credit card selection.

No matter what your criteria might be, you will find cards that meet your specific needs. If you see an offer from a company you don’t recognize, you can use the Better Business Bureau to see what customers say about the company.

Trade Secret Credit Card – The Bottom Line

Because there is no credit card, this is not a viable credit card solution for anyone!

Try the credit card chaser tool and compare credit cards online today!

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