Truliant Federal Credit Union Visa Classic

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Truliant Federal Credit Union Visa ClassicWhen you apply for the Truliant FCU Visa Classic, you may be able to get a credit card with a generously sized credit line and either a fixed or a variable credit card APR. The Truliant Federal Credit Union is based out of North Carolina, and anyone living in close proximity to its branches or that is associated with its list of partnered companies is eligible for membership.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau helps to protect consumers from predatory lending, but it is still the responsibility of borrowers to check out their creditors thoroughly. With credit cards from the Truliant Federal Credit Union, you will know exactly what your fees are, which will help you to avoid overages and extra fees.

Truliant FCU Visa Classic Interest Rates

The Truliant Federal Credit Union Visa Classic comes with two different types of interest rates that consumers can select. If you opt for the set APR, your interest rate will be 14.9%.

For those that would rather pay a variable interest rate, 8.9% APR is the lowest that you will be able to go.

You will not be charged if you want to request a cash advance from your credit card, make purchases in a foreign country, or transfer a high-interest credit card balance. There is also no fee for going over your credit limit. Late fees fluctuate, but they will never be more than 5%.

Truliant FCU Visa Classic Options

This credit card cannot be customized, but there are many other incentives that consumers enjoy. The convenience of online bill payment allows cardholders to both pay their Truliant FCU Visa Classic credit card bill and schedule payments for their other accounts.

No interest charges are due for 25 days, so if you make your payment ahead of the due date you will not be responsible for compound interest fees. You can request a credit line of as little as $500, but you may also be extended $10,000 in credit if you are deemed to be creditworthy.

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