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Trustmark MasterCardTrustmark has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau for nearly 50 years. For consumers that want to work with a financial institution that they can trust, Trustmark has all of the classic hallmarks of a community bank. Although Trustmark is headquartered in Mississippi, anyone is able to apply for the Trustmark MasterCard.

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The Trustmark MasterCard comes with a cash rebate credit card program that you can use to receive .5% cash back on all qualifying charges. These rebates are made available the month after all of your previous credit card charges have posted. If you want a MasterCard that you can use in almost any part of the world and that only has a handful of convenience fees, the Trustmark MasterCard may fulfill all of your needs.

Trustmark MasterCard Options

Besides the cash rebate program, accountholders also have the ability to use their credit cards at various ATMs, absolutely for free. Trustmark does not impose any cash advance fees, but you will still pay interest on any credit card cash advance that is not paid in full before the day that it is due. Some charges may be applied by merchants, but you will be notified in advance.

Although the introductory interest rate does not apply to balance transfers, you can move balances from other credit cards over and not pay any arbitrary convenience fees. Details on credit card design customization are not available.

Trustmark MasterCard Fees

All Trustmark MasterCard credit cardholders pay 5.9% interest during the first six months that they have their accounts. They will pay a higher credit card APR after this period expires, but the exact amount that they pay will depend upon their credit ratings. Late fees are no higher than $35. The fee for returned payments is also $35, as is the over-the-credit-limit fee.

When you make a late payment on the Trustmark MasterCard, you run the risk of having the penalty interest rate imposed.

The default APR is 21% and it can also be applied if any of your monthly payments are returned.

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