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Trustmark Visa Platinum CardThe Trustmark Visa Platinum credit card may not be suitable for consumers that have derogatory marks on their credit reports, but anyone looking for a low interest credit card can stop their search. The APR varies, but Trustmark promises consumers that it will never exceed 21%. Although Trustmark has a wide network of merchants with which it works, this credit card is not accepted everywhere.

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It is important to follow the advice of the Federal Trade Commission in its alert “What To Do If Your Personal Information Has Been Compromised” in the event that your credit cards are ever stolen. In addition, the Trustmark Visa Platinum card comes with several protections that will prevent you from being held liable for fraudulent charges.

Trustmark Visa Platinum Card Interest Rates

During the first three billing cycles that you have your Trustmark Visa Platinum credit card, you will pay a standard 3.9% interest rate. The set APR varies depending upon the current credit market’s prime rate. This is the rate that you will be charged for regular purchases and balance transfers, but cash advances on the credit card are calculated at 19.9% interest for all cardholders.

The penalty fees for the Trustmark Visa Platinum credit card can be quite hefty, but if you manage your money wisely they can be avoided altogether. The default interest rate is 21%, which is applied after a payment is returned or a credit card payment is not received on time. If you decide to use your credit card while traveling abroad, all foreign transactions will be calculated at a 3% interest rate.

Trustmark Visa Platinum Card Benefits

Thousands of ATM machines throughout the United States can be accessed for free with the Trustmark Visa Platinum card. Interest charges are only applied if you pay on or after the credit card’s monthly due date.

Trustmark Visa Platinum credit cardholders do not pay an annual fee or any application charges.

Cash rebates are applicable on certain charges, such as gas purchases and purchases made from qualifying merchants. The introductory interest rate will remain valid on your account for a total of eight months as long as you make all minimum monthly credit card payments as agreed.

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