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UBS Credit Card UBS is not a bank but a financial service provider. Although UBS is based out of Switzerland, it has offices worldwide. As such, you can get a UBS credit card virtually anywhere you live.

There are three different kinds of UBS credit cards you can get. No matter which type of card you have, it comes with two cards, a MasterCard and a Visa. Find other online credit cards now!

By giving you two cards you have guaranteed spending power. You do not have to worry if Visa is not accepted or if MasterCard is not accepted since you have both cards. You also have a backup card if something happens to the other one.

Features of the Standard UBS Credit Card

Within the standard set of UBS credit cards you can choose from Classic, Special Edition, Optimus Foundation Charity, or Basic. Each card is free of annual membership charges and comes with an optional bonus program.

You receive flexible payment options, travel credit card perks like travel insurance, and photo security. Photo security allows you to place your photo on the back of your credit card so that a cashier can take an extra step in confirming your identity.

Features of the Gold UBS Credit Card

The Gold UBS credit card comes with higher credit limits than the Standard UBS credit card. With this card set you can also choose a foreign currency Visa credit card.

There is no annual charge for the card and it also comes with a bonus program. In addition to travel insurance you get a free Priority Pass, giving you exclusive access to various airport lounges.

Features of the Platinum UBS Credit Card

The Platinum UBS credit card is the most exclusive card offered by UBS. It offers the highest credit limit out of all of the UBS credit cards.

Although there is an annual fee for the card, it also earns you the most reward credit card benefits. Additionally, it comes with the same benefits as the other credit cards, such as travel insurance and exclusive airport lounge access up to four times per year.

If you live in Switzerland, getting a UBS credit card is a viable option. If you live in other parts of the world, the UBS credit card is available as EUR and USD currency as well. Find more credit card offers now!

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