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Should you apply for the Ultra VX Secured Visa Credit Card? Secured credit cards are becoming more and more popular with consumers. They offer the convenience of credit cards without many of the pitfalls associated with them. In reality, since the economic downturn, there are more and more people who have realized that their spending habits were not in line with reality. They need help. A secured credit card is a quick and easy way to get that help. Read through this Ultra VX review and then click on the Ultra VX credit card application button at the top of the page or use our free tool to compare many different credit cards!

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Benefits of Secured Credit Cards

The fact of the matter is that there are many people out there who simply need to use a secured credit card or a bad credit credit card. They give those with poor or no credit a chance to build their credit score, so they can become eligible for favorable loans and credit cards in the future.

It is rather easy to damage a credit score and rather hard to repair it (click here to get your free credit report). Secured credit cards facilitate the process. For anyone who has made some poor choices in managing credit, those who have filed bankruptcy, had a vehicle repossessed or had a home foreclosed, a secure credit card is a good option.

The secured credit card is actually a real credit card and can be used as such in all situations. Debit cards, which have major credit card logos on them are still debit cards and cannot be used easily in certain circumstances, such as renting a car. However, with a secured credit card, there is no problem.

What Sets the Ultra VX Visa Credit Card Apart

The Ultra VX Visa Credit Card is a secured credit card unlike any other because it offers “Credit-on-Demand”. This revolutionary version of credit allows a cardholder to actually go over his spending limit without being embarrassed by being declined and without over-the-limit fees. Basically if you have enough money in your cash account, that is associated with your credit card, to allow you to make the purchase, it will be approved and the necessary amount transferred to your secure account. This allows you to essentially raise your own credit at will, as long as you have the money to do so.

The Ultra VX Visa Credit Card is one of the few secure credit cards that actually allows you to accumulate rewards. This reward program is very similar to the rewards programs found with other traditional credit cards, and can be very advantageous when used properly. The points can be used for airline, travel, entertainment and other things.

The card also has automatic approval so that those who are interested in it simply need to prove their identity. There is no employment verification, credit check or even banking information needed.

The way the Ultra VX Visa Credit card was established was to enable those who needed help building credit a practically foolproof method of doing so. Payments are reported monthly to the credit bureaus. Automatic payments are established so that when your minimum payment is due, it is automatically deducted from your cash account.

The cash account is the account you use to pay on your card, increase your limit and more. There are multiple ways to add money to the account including direct deposit, common money wiring services and more for your convenience. Automatic alerts also prevent you from making errors that will hurt your credit score. You can even use the Ultra VX Visa to do your bill payments.

The Downside Of The Ultra VX Visa Credit Card

The major downside of the Ultra VX Visa Credit Card is the fact that it is not a regular credit card. It does not give you extra spending power. You must have the cash already in your account in order to use the credit card. You do not have access to the money that is used to secure the credit card. Therefore it essentially ties up your money, while “letting” you use it in credit card form.

The automatic payments that are taken from your cash account every month are simply minimum payments. If you do not adjust the payment, you will find yourself paying a hefty 14%+ interest rate on the remaining balance. In addition there are some yearly fees and even monthly fees. These will add up to larger costs than many other regular credit cards.

If you are ready to put the Ultra VX Visa Credit Card in your wallet, you can get started by using the credit card chaser tool. This tool asks you just a couple of questions and in a matter of moments presents you with the best credit card options for your needs in an easy to follow and compare format. Before you choose any one card, be sure to compare the different offerings out there. Put the credit card chaser to work for you now and either apply for the Ultra VX credit card by clicking on the apply button at the top of the page or start comparing other credit cards now!

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