UMB Visa® Business Credit Card

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UMB Visa® Business Credit CardThe UMB Visa® Business Credit Card is a basic business credit card that is meant for small businesses. A business with less than 50 employees that needs 20 cards or less is the perfect candidate for this well-rounded Visa Business card.

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The economy has been a bit rough these last few years and not just for individuals, but for small businesses as well. It has been especially hard for newer businesses to find the credit cards that they need. While a business, like an individual, should not do the majority of its spending with a credit card, there should be one on hand to act as a sort of financial safety net. According to this Smart Money article, as the economy continues to improve so do the credit options for small business owners.

UMB Visa® Business Credit Card Perks

The Visa Business card is the basic business credit card offered by UMB. While it does not have all the bells and whistles of a business rewards credit card, it is still a great choice for any business owner and might actually be a better choice because of its simplicity. Often with rewards cards, whether they are for businesses or individuals, people get too caught up with earning as many rewards points as possible and let their balance run up unnecessarily.

The maximum credit limit amount for this card is $25,000 and the final credit limit will be determined after an in-depth look at the company’s needs. The company will also be able to handle their account online, giving them quick access to their available credit card balance and a constant update to their transactions.

Other Benefits to Having a UMB Visa® Business Credit Card

There are certain benefits that come with all Visa business cards offered by UMB. These benefits include customized billing options and spending controls, business reporting packages, and fraud protection.

The customized billing option is very useful, especially for a business with multiple cards.

The company can choose to have one monthly credit card statement listing the activity on all of their active cards or individual statements for each card.

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