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UMB Visa® Commercial CardThe Visa Commercial card offered by UMB is not an average business credit card. This is a specialized card designed for larger companies that have more than 25 employees and have revenues greater than $2 million. A company that operates at this level needs more personalized service when it comes to something as important as their credit options, and UMB is happy to provide that service.

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While businesses do have their own special financial needs, a lot of the time the information and practices that apply to individual finances are just as effective when applied to a business situation. There are many financial advice websites out there, but the resource center on the Suze Orman site is especially helpful.

Make Things Easier with a UMB Visa® Commercial Credit Card

A larger scale company has very different issues than a small business. One of the major issues is keeping track of the spending of multiple employees. Dealing with all of the paperwork involved is very time-consuming and larger companies often have to hire extra people to deal with it. Not to mention things like receipts, requisitions, invoices, and purchase orders that can very easily be lost.

By having a business credit card like the UMB Visa® Commercial credit card, a business owner is able to customize each employee’s individual company credit card and the paperwork associated with that card.

Each employee’s card can be personalized by setting credit limits and spending limits, and even blocking certain vendors. The company can also choose to receive individual statements for each credit card or one monthly statement for everything, thereby reducing the paperwork the company has to keep track of.

The Ways That the UMB Visa® Commercial Credit Card Can Save Money

By reducing the amount of paperwork and giving the business owner an easy-to-read monthly statement, it is easier for a company to see where their money is going and if changes need to be made. They can quickly identify if certain employees are spending too much or if certain vendors have suddenly increased their prices. By having a more streamlined system, money-related issues are less likely to fall through the cracks.

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