UMB Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

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UMB Visa Platinum Rewards Credit CardA great rewards card with good rates is a top pick for many people looking for a new credit card. This UMB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card is a great option and offers the cardholder a special rewards program, as well as additional benefits like travel assistance and car rental insurance.

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If the cardholder does choose to use their rewards point for travel rewards like frequent flier miles, they should be aware of just how to get the most out of those miles. Websites like the Wall Street Journal‘s have excellent articles on this topic.

UMB Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Rates

This card offers a very unusual and very much sought-after fixed annual percentage rate. The lucky person that has this rewards credit card will enjoy no interest payments on purchases for the first six months. After that, there will be a fixed annual percentage rate of 10.99%.

This same rate will be applied to balance transfers that are treated as purchases. The rate for cash advances is 14.99% and is the same for balance transfers that are considered to be cash advances. It is very unusual for there to be two separate balance transfer rates.

There is also a penalty annual percentage rate for the UMB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. If the cardholder makes a payment late, their interest rate will automatically be increased to 21.75% and will stay at that rate until they have made six payments on time.

It is very important for cardholders to know if their credit cards have a penalty interest rate (many do not) in order to avoid a nasty shock with their monthly statement.

UMB Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Fees

There is no annual fee for this platinum credit card from UMB. The transaction fees for this card are fairly reasonable even though its minimum fee amount is higher than usual.

Balance transfers and cash advances will be charged 3%, with a minimum $15 fee. Foreign transactions are charged 2% and have no minimum fee amount. There is no penalty fee for going over the card’s credit limit, but there is a $35 charge for having a payment returned or making a late payment.

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