United Bank Natural Choice Credit Card

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United Bank Natural Choice Credit CardThe United Bank Natural Choice credit card lets cardholders earn 1% cash back on purchases, while also letting them show their love for nature with special card designs like birds and flowers. United Bank then applies these cashback rewards directly to the cardholder’s balance.

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This card also has a special pay-ahead feature. If the cardholder makes payments larger than the minimum monthly payments, it will decrease their minimum payment amount in the future. The cash back the cardholder earns can be a great opportunity for them to save for their future. The official website for the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, called My Money, has great information on different ways to save.

United Bank Natural Choice Credit Card Rates

If you are lucky enough to get approved for this low fixed-rate credit card from United Bank, you will also get a special six-month introductory period with an even lower interest rate. The annual percentage rate for cash advances, purchases, and balances is 6.99% for the first six months. After that, all of the interest rates will be 9.25%.

These rates are very low, which is what everyone looks for in a credit card.

There is no penalty rate for the United Bank Natural Choice credit card.

United Bank Natural Choice Credit Card Fees

There is only one type of transaction fee for this card. There is a 1.5% fee for cash advances, with a $5 maximum charge. Unlike most cards that have set penalty fees for late payments and exceeding a credit card’s credit limit, the cardholder will be charged a percentage.

For late payments, cardholders are charged 5% of their monthly payment minimum. For going over the limit, they are charged 2% of their credit limit. There is a flat return payment fee of $15.

There is no fee for foreign transactions or balance transfers and there is no annual fee. Since the interest rate is so low and there is no additional fee, the United Bank Natural Choice credit card is a perfect option for someone that wants to make a balance transfer from a credit card with a high interest rate.

By making a transfer to this card, the cardholder could potentially save hundreds of dollars. This is especially true if they can pay off the full balance during the introductory period–before the extra-low interest rate expires.

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