United Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card

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United Bank Platinum Visa Credit CardThis Platinum Visa from United Bank allows the cardholder to earn a 1% rebate on all of the purchases they make within the continental United States. The cardholder can choose to have this rebate deposited into their Visa Platinum Rewards account or just directly credited to their Platinum Visa account.

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The cardholder also receives special benefits like 24/7 customer service access and free insurance coverage for traveling and renting cars. By earning a rebate and having it applied directly to their credit card balance, the cardholder can keep their balance under control. For more information on managing debt, this webpage from the Suze Orman site can be very helpful

United Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card Rates

This Platinum Visa credit card from United Bank has very low fixed interest rates, which is very hard to find in today’s economic climate. The first six months that the account is active the cardholder will have a 5.99% interest rate for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. After this credit card introductory period the interest rate will be increased, but with this Platinum Visa it will not be increased by much.

The fixed interest rate for this card is an extremely low 8.25% and is applied to all three types of transactions. It is very rare to find a credit card that charges the same interest rate for cash advances as it does for purchases and balance transfers. There is no penalty interest rate for this credit card.

United Bank Platinum Visa Credit Card Fees

While this credit card does have fees, they are very few compared to the fees that come with most bank-issued cards.

There is no annual, foreign transaction, or balance transfer fee.

There is an extremely low cash advance fee of 1.5%. Most cash advance fees are at least 3% of the total amount being advanced.

If a payment is returned, there is a penalty fee of $15. Late payments will be charged 5% of the minimum monthly payment, with a maximum fee of $15. If the cardholder goes over the card’s limit they will be charged 2% of their credit limit, with a maximum fee of $10.

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