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Among Bank of America’s many affinity credit cards is the University of Michigan credit card; it’s an American Express. The bank makes ongoing contributions to the school based on approved applications and card holder purchases. The card is offered in conjunction with the University’s Alumni Association which supports the school through various programs and events.

The alumni Association’s website provides a general card overview along with a link to the Bank of America application. The application is a one page document which can be filled out and submitted in a matter of minutes. Users can expect a preliminary answer within 60 seconds of submission; however, the application will still be reviewed by a bank official for final approval. Be sure to compare this and other online credit cards!

Applicants may choose a single card or an additional second card at no cost. Income and employment information must be furnished for the primary account holder as well as any secondary card holder. You should also expect to submit identification information such as address, phone number, and Social Security number.

University Of Michigan Credit Card Fees and Interest Rates

Surprisingly, some of the fees associated with the University of Michigan credit card are lower than the industry average. Examples include a 1% fee assessed on foreign transactions as well as no annual fee and no penalty APR. Other fees, including $10 or 4% on balance transfer credit card transactions, wire transfers, and cash advances, are right in line with industry norms.

For purchases and balance transfers the APR is variable at 12.99% to 20.99%; a rate of 24.24% applies to cash advances. New card holders are given an introductory rate of 0% on all purchases for the first 12 months. All interest rates are tied to the Prime Rate as published regularly by the Wall Street Journal.

University Of Michigan Credit Card World Points Rewards

University Of Michigan credit card earns cardholders one point for every dollar in qualified purchases. Points can be redeemed for airline credit card rewards, brand-name merchandise, dining and shopping discounts, and cash back credit card benefits. There is no limit on the amount of points one can earn, but there is a five-year expiration. Redemption begins at a threshold of 2,500 points.

Certain other benefits apply to this credit card including the American Express travel assistance service and Bank of America’s MyConcierge service. For details regarding other card benefits, please consult the literature provided with your card. Get and compare more online credit card offers now!

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