US Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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US Federal Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardThe US Federal Credit Union Visa Classic credit card is part of the trio of cards that USFCU offers its members. All three cards have the same benefits and low fees. The only major difference is the interest rate on each card.

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Unlike many other Visa Classic cards, this card offers all the same services that USFCU provides to cardholders of its other cards. Because it is offered by a credit union, you’re sure to find great customer service and community involvement.

USFCU Membership Requirements

By law, credit unions restrict their memberships to a particular group of people. This can be either residents of a geographical area or people in certain occupations. In the case of US Federal Credit Union, membership is restricted to residents of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties and the city of Northfield in Minnesota.

Those who meet this requirement just have to fill out a simple application and deposit $5 into a savings account, which serves as the member account. Once this is done, you are free to apply for any of the USFCU products offered, like credit cards.

USFCU Visa Classic Credit Card Benefits

USFCU offers a Visa Platinum, Visa Gold, and Visa Classic credit card. The USFCU Platinum credit card has a rate of 9.99%, while the Gold card has an APR of 11.99%. You must have excellent or very good credit to receive one of these credit cards. For members who don’t qualify for these, USFCU offers a Visa Classic card with an interest rate of 13.99%.

The interest rate is really the only difference in these cards. All three have the same fee structure.

This means no annual, balance transfer, or cash advance fees.

Even the foreign transaction fee is only 1%. The USFCU Visa Classic card doesn’t have a rewards program but, according to, sometimes that’s a good thing.

USFCU offers the same continuous fraud protection on all of its cards. This includes identity theft protection. As a Visa cardholder, your card will be accepted at millions of vendors worldwide. Visa will send you money-saving coupons, and USFCU provides unlimited online access to your credit card balance and account.

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