US Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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US Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardThe US Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card is a low-interest credit card offered only to members of the USFCU institution. As a credit union, USFCU is a non-profit organization owned by the members who put their money in it. Because a credit union is working for the customers and not stockholders, they typically offer lower rates and higher yields on their products.

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According to Forbes Magazine, credit cards from credit unions offer lower interest rates than other cards. They are also charge much lower fees. It’s also common to have no annual fee and low late fees on credit union cards.

US Federal Credit Union Credit Cards

The US Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Minnesota. Anyone who resides in Northfield or in seven Minnesota counties can join. All it takes is a $5 deposit into a member savings account. Once this is done, you are eligible to apply for any of USFCU’s products, including its credit cards.

In addition to the Visa Platinum, the US Federal Credit Union offers a pair of other Visa credit cards. The Visa Platinum is for cardholders who have excellent credit scores. If you don’t qualify for it, you can apply for the Visa Gold or Visa Classic cards.

The Gold has an 11.99% interest rate, while the Classic charges 13.99%.

USFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card Information

For those members who do qualify for the Visa Platinum, you’ll be charged an APR of 9.99%. This includes a minimum grace period of 25 days, though this applies only to purchases. If you pay your balance off each month, you’ll never have to pay interest.

Along with the low interest rates are low fees. There’s no annual fee, cash advance fee, or balance transfer fee. In fact, USFCU makes it easy to transfer balances. All you have to do is send them your latest bill or statement from the other card and the payment envelope, and USFCU takes care of the rest.

USFCU also offers fraud monitoring on all its credit cards, as well as an identity theft protection program. You’ll also receive exclusive coupons from Visa, which can save you money on events, merchandise, or gifts.

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