US New Mexico Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Preferred Credit Card

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US New Mexico Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Preferred Credit CardThe US New Mexico Federal Credit Union, or USNMFCU, Visa Preferred credit card is the lowest rate credit card offered by this non-profit organization. Available to members only, this card is designed for those with excellent credit who want more from a credit card.

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You must apply for membership in the US New Mexico Federal Credit Union and open the required account before applying for this or any of the credit cards offered by the USNMFCU.

USNMFCU Visa Platinum Preferred Credit Card Benefits

The USNMFCU Visa Platinum Preferred card is more than just a credit card. It is also a source of many benefits that can save the cardholder money and headaches. Every purchase will rack up points in the credit card’s Rewards! Program, earning the cardholder free merchandise or travel.

Platinum Preferred customers will have free assistance in restoring credit if their identity is ever stolen. Items purchased on the card will be replaced if they are lost, damaged, or stolen within 90 days of purchase. Purchases will also be eligible for free extended warranty protection. The card also participates in the Verified by Visa program.

The USNMFCU Visa Platinum Preferred credit card will also protect you when you travel. You’ll receive up to $1 million in accident travel insurance when you buy your ticket with this card.

Book your rental car on the card and you can waive the additional insurance offered by rental car companies. According to USA Today, you should always check with your car insurance and credit card companies before renting a car to see if you are already covered under either of their policies.

US NMFCU Visa Platinum Preferred Credit Card’s Low Rates

With all of these benefits, you might expect this card to cost more than standard credit cards.

However, this Visa Platinum Preferred card has no annual fee and an interest rate as low as 6.9%.

In order to get this card, you must have excellent credit and be eligible for at least a $5,000 credit limit.

The card also has no cash advance fee, no balance transfer fee, and no inactivity fee. There’s also no default interest rate on this credit card if you are late with a payment.

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