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US New Mexico Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum SelectThe US New Mexico Federal Credit Union offers eight different credit cards, so in most cases they should have the perfect card for you. Whether you need a low annual percentage rate or are looking for a rewards program, USNM FCU has many different options available. In fact, if you apply for a card from USNM Federal Credit Union and are not approved, be sure to look at one of their many other card options.

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Some of the cards offered by US New Mexico FCU include the Visa Platinum Standard, Visa Platinum Choice 1 and Choice 2, and the Visa Platinum Preferred. The credit union also has a credit builder card if you have poor credit, and a business Visa if you own or operate a small business.

Rates and Fees for the Visa Platinum Select from US New Mexico FCU

The Visa Platinum Select credit card from US New Mexico FCU offers a low fixed annual percentage rate of just 9.9%. However, just as importantly, it has no annual credit card fee or fees for basic actions such as a cash advance, regular transaction, or lack of use.

The minimum amount of available credit for the Visa Platinum Card is $3,000.

If you are looking for a more manageable amount of credit, you may want to look at the other cards offered by the US New Mexico Federal Credit Union.

Maintaining an affordable amount of debt is an important part of overall financial health and well-being. But you need to be careful: According to a recent CNN Money online article, the average American owes more than $10,000 in credit card debt. If you keep your available credit low, you have a better chance of staying out of trouble when it comes to credit card debt.

Additional Benefits for the Visa Platinum Select from USNM FCU

Some of the other benefits to this Visa Platinum Select credit card include automatic insurance coverage while traveling or when you rent a car if you use your card to make the purchase. You can also get extended warranty coverage at no additional cost on large purchases when you use the card.

To apply for the US New Mexico FECU Visa Platinum Select Card, just visit a branch office or apply online through the credit union’s website.

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