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Valdosta State Credit Card Georgia’s Valdosta State University joined the ranks of other educational institutions around the country in offering a credit card program through their alumni association. The Valdosta State University credit card was an affinity credit card issued by Bank of America, which made donations to the school in proportion to the total amount of the transactions conducted with the card. The card was available either as an American Express or MasterCard product.

The Alumni Association website still mentions the availability of the credit card program and gives a toll-free telephone number consumers can call to find out more information. However, the hyper-link to the online application has been removed. Furthermore, Bank of America’s website does not list the Valdosta State University credit card among its offerings. Find other online credit card offers now!

Because this credit card is apparently no longer available, the following information about rates, terms, conditions, and rewards cannot be relied upon as completely accurate. Information was gleaned from a variety of resources and is sketchy at best.

Valdosta State University Credit Card Rates and Fees

The Valdosta State University credit card had no annual fee and provided a 0% introductory APR on all balance transfer credit card transactions and purchases. Balance transfers were still subject to a 4% transaction fee, and the introductory APR was valid only for the first 7 to 10 months, depending on credit worthiness. At the expiration of the introductory rate, the standard rate for purchases and balance transfers was 12.99% to 20.99%.

The APR for cash advances was 24.24% and all cash advance transactions were subject to a fee of $10 or 4%, whichever was greater. There was no penalty APR or over-limit fee attached; foreign transactions were charged a 3% fee and late or returned payments incurred a $35 fee.

Valdosta State University Credit Card Rewards

It is assumed this credit card was eligible for standard MasterCard benefits including 24-hour customer service, emergency cash and card replacement, travel accident insurance, and more. Cardholders were also eligible for a points reward credit card program under Bank of America’s WorldPoints brand name.

One point was earned for every dollar in purchases, with no limits and no bonus points at the time of application. Points could be redeemed for airline tickets with no blackout dates, discounts for shopping and dining with participating merchants, brand-name merchandise, and cash back credit card benefits. Get more online credit cards offers right now!

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