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Valero Credit CardBased in San Antonio Texas, Valero is North America’s largest independent refiner and distributor of petroleum products. Their chain of gas and convenience stores are well known all across the country under the brand names Valero, Shamrock, Diamond Shamrock, and others. The company issues gas credit cards and gift cards as well as an in-house consumer credit card and a fleet management card.

Valero credit cards are issued through a company subsidiary named DSRM National Bank. Because these credit cards are in-house, they have no national branding and can only be used at Valero retail operations. However, they can be used for both gasoline and merchandise purchases at any participating location. You may apply for the Valero credit card by visiting a local store, filling out an online application form, or calling a toll-free number provided on the company website. Find more online credit card offers now!

For the purposes of this review we will focus on the consumer and fleet management cards. Valero gift cards are similar to other retail gift cards in that consumers purchase them in varying dollar amounts which can be applied toward gasoline and merchandise purchases at Valero locations.

Valero Credit Card – Consumer Version

The Valero credit card carries an interest rate that is rather high in comparison to most Visa or MasterCard products. As far as in-house or retail credit cards are concerned, their 23% rate is about average. The card does carry a penalty APR of 27.24% which is applied to accounts with late payments. Consumers who incur the penalty rate can have it reduced after six consecutive payments made on time. Late payments and return payments incur charges of $35 and $25 respectively.

Benefits of the Valero credit card include flexible payment terms, personalized Valero customer service, online account management, and online bill pay (with same day posting). Occasionally, Valero offers targeted promotions to their credit card customers.

Valero Credit card-Fleet Management Version

Valero’s Fleet services credit card is a business credit card designed to help business fleet owners control gasoline and other purchases. There are three levels of fleet service offered: Basic Fleet, Commercial Fleet, and Enhanced Fleet. Regardless of the level chosen, fleet card holders receive fuel discounts based on volume which can go as high as $.025 per gallon. The fleet credit card carries no annual fee, renewal fee, or card replacement fee, and interest rates vary by state. Compare this with other online credit cards now!

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