Verizon Wireless Credit Card

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Verizon Wireless Credit CardVerizon Wireless may be an internationally known cell phone company, but they aren’t a company that has their own credit card. If you were looking for a Verizon Wireless Credit Card, then you might be disappointed to learn that this is not something that is in the offering from Verizon.

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Verizon isn’t the only wireless company that doesn’t offer credit cards. The bottom line is that cell phone companies seem to be staying out of the credit card business and focusing on what they do best, phone and internet service to their customers.

Verizon Wireless Credit Card – Credit Card Reader

If you have been seeing articles and blogs associating Verizon with credit cards, then this is probably why. Credit card readers can be attached to Verizon smart phones to create a portable credit card reading device that allows you to charge customers while you are on the road.

If you don’t understand the benefit to this, then think of it this way. Say you are a face painter who travels to other people’s houses for parties and events, but you are losing money because of bounced check. With the credit card reader on your Verizon device, you can accept a credit card payment at the event and not have to worry about checks or taking cash.

Verizon Wireless Credit Card – Alternative Credit Cards

If you are looking for a way to save money on your wireless bill, then you might want to consider rewards credit cards. These cards pay you back for the money you spend. What’s more, some companies allow you to choose your rewards, which mean that you can select your household bills as paying back higher reward rates, which would apply to your phone bill.

As a student, student credit cards are a great way to pay your monthly bills, such as your cell bill. Student credit cards are specifically designed for young men and women who have not yet established credit.

No matter what kind of credit card you need, take the time to check out how each credit card company is doing with the Better Business Bureau or JD Power ratings. This will ease your mind when you finally make a decision.

Verizon Wireless Credit Card – The Bottom Line

No card options mean that there is nothing to really discuss! The good news is that there are plenty of other choices for you to consider.

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