Virgin Atlantic Black Credit Card

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Virgin Atlantic Black Credit CardVirgin Atlantic is a 25 year old airline that caters to London as well as worldwide flights. In addition to airline flights, you can use Virgin Atlantic to book hotels, activities, and group travel. The Virgin Atlantic Black credit card allows you to earn bonus miles for your trips.

Two travel credit cards are offered. In addition to the Virgin Atlantic Black credit card you can apply for the Virgin Atlantic White credit card. You can also join the Flying Club. Compare these perks with benefits of other online credit cards now!

The Flying Club is not a credit card, but it is a way to earn miles when you travel with Virgin Atlantic. You can also earn airline credit card miles when you fly with one of Virgin Atlantic’s partner airlines.

Earning Bonus Miles with the Virgin Atlantic Black Credit Card

After you apply and are accepted for the Virgin Atlantic Black credit card, you can earn 20,000 bonus miles with your very first purchase. Every year you earn an additional 15,000 bonus miles to celebrate your anniversary.

Additional bonus miles can also be earned by adding card members; up to 5,000 miles. Of course, you are responsible for any rewards credit card activity made by card members on your account.

Purchasing Miles with the Virgin Atlantic Black Credit Card

You cannot actually purchase miles with your Virgin Atlantic Black credit card. However, every time you make a purchase with your airline credit card you earn miles.

For every purchase you make with Virgin Atlantic using your travel credit card you earn three miles to the dollar. All other purchases give you 1.5 miles to the dollar. You are also able to earn tier points for every $2,500 you spend on purchases, although you can only earn two tier points per month.

Other Benefits of the Virgin Atlantic Black Credit Card

Your Virgin Atlantic Black credit card comes with a free gold membership to Regus businessworld. This one year membership is valued at $300. You also receive two free tickets valued at $300 for a private office for one day at any Regus businessworld center. The centers are available worldwide.

If you travel on Virgin Atlantic then a Virgin Atlantic Black credit card is one way to earn free miles with every purchase you make. Find and compare more credit card offers now!

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    Its interesting that Virgin Atlantic is follwoing in the steps of British Airways by providing such credit cards as a financing option. But personally, i think that British Airways offer out performs all else.

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