Vision Premier Prepaid vs. Wired Plastic Prepaid

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Vision Premier versus Wired Plastic Prepaid credit cardsSome prepaid cards are little more than gift cards you can use anywhere. Both the Vision Premier Prepaid and Wired Plastic Prepaid cards are much more. They combine some of the best features of a checking account and a credit card into one convenient card.

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Best of all, you’ll never incur interest fees or debt with these cards. You can only spend the amount on the card. There’s never an overage or overdraft charge. This makes them a great option for people who don’t have a bank account but need to have somewhere for an employer to deposit a paycheck.

Prepaid cards charge fees for services. Since they don’t have customers racking up interest on the cards, they have to charge fees in order to pay for their services. It’s important to know exactly what the fee schedule is for any prepaid card before you commit your money to them.

The Wired Plastic is a better choice for people who only need one card or who plan to draw funds from their ATM account frequently.

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The Wired Plastic Prepaid Fees:

  • Wired Plastic Prepaid Credit Card$9.95 activation fee for the primary card
  • $4.95 activation fee for each secondary card
  • $5.95 monthly service fee for the primary card
  • $1.95 monthly service fee for the secondary card
  • $0.95 transaction fee for each purchase
  • $1.95 ATM fee
  • Free direct deposit set up
  • Free money transfer from your PayPal account
  • $0.45 per bill via online bill pay
  • $0.95 paper check fee

Unique Features

Many prepaid cards aren’t insured by the FDIC, because they don’t meet the stringent qualifications required for the federal government to insure them. However, Vision Premier Prepaid cards are insured up to $250,000.
Unlike nearly any other prepaid offer,you also get 1% cash back for all you gas purchases as well as free roadside assistance with Vision Premier Prepaid.

If you know you need a second card then the Vision Premier is a better choice as there are not fees for the extra card.

However, as seen below, the ATM purchase fees are higher.

Vision Premier Prepaid Fees

  • Vision Premier Prepaid Credit Card$9.95 activation fee
  • $9.95 monthly service fee; reduced to $7.95 for direct deposit accounts
  • $2.50 ATM fee
  • No charge for a second card
  • $1.00 per purchase
  • $1.95 live help center fee
  • Free direct deposits or transfers into the account
  • $0.95 to add funds via services like Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Free bill pay
  • Free payments to anyone who accepts Visa (barring retailer fees)

Like most banks, there is a mobile app for your Wired Plastic and Vision Premier accounts which, along with 24 hour online access, allows you complete access to your accounts. You can also pay bills online just like with any bank.

Both the Wired Plastic Prepaid and the Vision Premier Prepaid cards are part of the large Visa financial network. This means that these prepaid cards will be accepted at the millions of places worldwide who take Visa. This includes gas stations, car rental companies, and online retailers.

Unlike most prepaid cards, Wired Plastic allows you to add secondary cards to the account. There are additional fees for them, but this does allow couples and families to access the same pool of funds. Vision Premier lets you add a single secondary account for free.

Neither card will run a credit check on you before approving your application. The flip side to this is that they don’t report to the credit agencies, so these are not good tools if you are looking for something that will raise your credit scores.

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