Vystar Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

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Vystar Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit CardThe Vystar Credit Union is a very popular credit union located in Northern Florida. This credit union currently only offers four credit cards. There are three Platinum Visa options and an unsecured Visa. The three Platinum card choices include this basic Platinum Visa, a Rewards Platinum Visa, and a Cash Back Rewards Visa.

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If you can find a credit union that you are eligible to join and be approved for its credit card, it is a great opportunity.

Credit cards that are issued by credit unions have much lower interest rates and fewer fees than credit cards that are issued by banks.

However, finding a trusted credit union in your area that you can join can often be very confusing. To help, the National Credit Union Administration offers a Credit Union Locator tool on its MyCreditUnion.gov website.

Vystar Credit Union Platinum Visa Credit Card Rates

The Platinum Visa credit card from Vystar Credit Union has an introductory interest rate period that is very different than most cards. The majority of credit card introductory periods have one flat interest rate for a certain amount of time, but this Visa Platinum card has a special interest range.

The cardholder will have a low interest range for purchases and balance transfers of 6%, 7.4%, or 10.4%. The amount the cardholder has to pay is based solely on their credit score. This special interest period will not expire until June 2013.

After the special interest period expires, the cardholder’s interest rate will be increased to 9.1%, 10.5%, or 13.5%. This higher rate range is what the cardholder will always have to pay for interest associated with cash advances.

Vystar Credit Union Platinum Visa Credit Card Fees

There are very few fees for the Vystar Credit Union Platinum Visa card. There are actually no transaction fees at all. This means there is no extra charge for balance transfers, cash advances, or foreign transactions. This makes this card a great choice for someone that wants to make a significant cash advance or balance transfer.

The penalty fee for late payments, returned payments, and returned credit card checks is $25.

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