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Walmart MoneyCard Visa Prepaid CardThe Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid credit card that can be conveniently bought and reloaded at any Walmart store. Walmart offers both a Visa and a Master Card option. Since Walmart stores are found almost everywhere even if the cardholder is traveling across the country they can always have easy access to a Walmart is they have an issue with their Visa MoneyCard.

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The Best Things about a Walmart Prepaid Credit Card

Many people choose a prepaid credit card over a traditional card because they are easy to get and offer a certain amount of safety compared to a traditional credit card that can cause debt issues. When it comes to prepaid credit cards no credit check is required, which means that people who have a low credit score and cannot be approved for a regular credit card can get a prepaid credit card.

The fact that a person with a low credit score can get this type of card means they can make online purchases and pay bills online just like everyone else. Considering most businesses prefer credit card payments and most stores have an online equivalent, it is hard to find someone that does not prefer to shop with a credit card.

Prepaid credit cards are also safer to carry than cash. When a prepaid credit card is lost or stolen, the money is replaced because the card is FDIC insured like a regular credit card or bank account.

The Benefits of Choosing Walmart

The Walmart prepaid credit card is a great choice for people that choose not to have a bank account, but still want to have their paycheck direct deposited. If a person wanted to cash a check at a Walmart or any other check-cashing establishment, they would have to pay a fee based on the amount of a check. With the Walmart prepaid check card the cardholder can cash their check and have it applied to the prepaid card with no fee or just have the check direct deposited.

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