Washington State Employees Credit Union Visa Classic Credit Card

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Washington State Employees Credit Union Visa Classic Credit CardThe Washington State Employees Credit Union Visa Classic credit card is a straightforward, no-gimmick card that WSECU provides to eligible members. This is perfect for those people who don’t want to mess with points or rebates, but just want a simple credit card.

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Credit unions are non-profit organizations that are designed to help customers meet financial goals. They are owned by the members of the credit union. They restrict their membership to a group of people united either by geography or occupation. In this case, WSECU is open to all city, county, and state employees of Washington.

WSECU Visa Classic Credit Card Benefits

Just because it doesn’t have a rewards program with it, doesn’t mean that the WSECU Visa Classic credit card doesn’t have any benefits. The interest rate is fairly low, and it’s a variable rate, set at the credit prime rate plus 7.5%. Currently, this rate is 10.75%.

You’ll also have a grace period of 25 days to pay the credit card balance so that you don’t accrue interest on purchases. Cash advances are charged interest immediately.

As a Visa card, this card can be enrolled in the Verified by Visa program. This program increases the security of buying items online with your credit card. You’ll set up a password that must be entered before the credit card can be used online.

WSECU doesn’t charge an annual fee for any of their cards.

No inactivity fee or balance transfer fee is charged, though there is a cash advance fee of 2%.

Good Morning America, in “The Truth about Credit Card Reward Programs,” reports that people who have a rewards program with their credit card spend twice as much as those without one. So, if you tend to carry a balance, it would be a better option to have a card like this one, without a rewards program.

WSECU Visa Classic Credit Card Options

If you pay your balance off each month or travel frequently, you may prefer one of the other cards offered by WSECU. The Visa Platinum Preferred card and the Visa Gold Rewards card both have a rewards program. You’ll earn points on purchases, which can be redeemed for a number of rewards.

The Visa Gold Rebate card gives cardholders a 1% cashback rebate. All of these cards have the same low fee schedule as the Visa Classic.

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