Washington State Employees Credit Union Visa Student Rewards Credit Card

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Washington State Employees Credit Union Visa Student Rewards Credit CardIf you are a college student in the state of Washington and have had a difficult time finding a reasonable credit card with a low interest rate and manageable credit limit, look no further than the Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) Students Rewards Visa card. As long as a parent or relative is employed by one of the eligible organizations that can open an account at WSECU, then you as a college student can apply for a credit card.

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Additionally, you must prove that you are enrolled at an eligible two- or four-year college in order to apply for the Student Visa card. Examples include a student identification card, a paid tuition bill, or a class schedule.

Interest Rates and Fees for the WSECU Student Visa Rewards Credit Card

The annual percentage rate of the WSECU Student Visa is a variable rate that is calculated at 8.5% above the current prime rate.

While there is no annual fee, there is a $25 fee if you are late with a payment or if a payment is returned because of insufficient funds.

In addition, you receive a total of 25 days after your credit card billing cycle to pay off your entire balance to avoid any interest charges.

Selling credit cards to college students is a growing trend, as more and more credit card companies and banks are spending millions of dollars to market their card to students, according to a recent CNN Money article. In fact, according to the article, some companies paid well over $1.5 million to get exclusive marketing rights to students at large universities.

WSECU Visa Student Rewards Credit Card Benefits

The WSECU Student Visa card offers a credit limit that varies between $500 and $1,000. In addition, for each eligible purchase made with the card, you can earn one point for every dollar spent.

There is an emergency replacement service in case you lose your card, and you can set up automatic payments directly from your checking or savings account at WSECU.

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