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Wayne Bank Credit Card The Wayne Bank credit card is offered to customers who have excellent credit. It is a Visa card that offers points that cardholders can redeem for rewards.

Incentives, in the form of bonus points, are offered to new customers. To be credited with this reward, the customer must make a purchase. Compare this and other online credit cards now!

Unlike some other card options, this one does not offer a preferred interest rate as an incentive to new customers. Be sure to compare the features and benefits of several cards before selecting any one.

Wayne Bank Credit Card Features

The Wayne Bank credit card has a regular Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 11.99-20.99%. Balance transfer credit card transactions are charged the same APR, and the customer is also charged a 4% balance transfer fee for this type of transaction.

The grace period for this type of card is 24 days. If a purchase is paid for in full within this time, no interest is charged.

Wayne Bank Credit Card Benefits

New customers are credited with 1,000 points with the first purchase they make. One point is awarded for each dollar spent after that point. A customer can start redeeming his or her points once the points balance reaches the 1,500 mark.

Points accumulated with this rewards credit card can be used for gift certificate, merchandise or travel credit card rewards. They can also be redeemed for cash if the customer chooses.

A customer who chooses the Wayne Bank credit card can also take advantage of the Choose Your Own Rewards program. It allows cardholders to use their points to pay for purchases made with their card. This is a convenient way to use the points balance that he or she has accumulated to get an immediate benefit.

Wayne Bank Credit Card Summary

This card option does not offer an online response to applicants. A prospective customer can apply for the card online, but will not get an answer about whether his or her application will be approved within a few minutes.

This card does offer rewards to customers, but there are other options that offer a low introductory rate that are a more attractive option to a customer who wishes to save money on interest costs. Find and compare many online credit cards now!

The Wayne Bank & Trust credit card is offered by a a family-owned, community bank that has been serving the needs of customers in Eastern Indiana for over 125 years. This financial institution takes pride in providing personal service to its customers.

Along with personal and business banking services, Wayne Bank and Trust also offers a credit card. This is a basic card that does offer points on purchases made by customers. Compare this with online credit card offers now!

The Wayne Bank & Trust credit card also offers points that can be collected and redeemed for several kinds of rewards. Customers can choose the one that makes the most sense to them.

Wayne Bank & Trust Credit Card Features

This card offers customers a low fixed rate on purchases. No annual fee is charged to customers who choose this rewards credit card. The card is accepted by merchants around the world for all types of goods and services. Customers can even use this card to make online purchases if they wish.

Wayne Bank & Trust Credit Card Benefits

Account holders can take advantage of the rewards offered by ScoreCards to redeem the points they collect every time they use their card. The points can be redeemed for merchandise and electronics. Items for the home, such as mugs, lunch bags, digital thermometers and travel alarm clocks, are examples of products the points can be used for.

The points can be used for fun stuff like toys, games and sports-themed items, like bottle openers with professional sports team logos featured on them. Travel rewards are also available to Wayne Bank & Trust credit card customers. The points can be used for airline credit card benefits, hotel stays or renting a car.

Other travel credit card rewards available include cruises and vacations. They can even be used for a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the cardholder and his or her family members to enjoy.

Wayne Bank & Trust Credit Card Online Services

Customers who choose the Wayne Bank & Trust credit card for their needs can manage their account online. The system can be set up to provide the account holder with e-mail or mobile alerts, so they can always be kept up to date about their account activity. Find more credit card offers now!

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